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L'Eau Rouge®

L'Eau Rouge® is a 100% natural infusion made from organic hibiscus flowers, an intense ruby ​​red color. When consumed fresh, it is stimulating, invigorating and refreshing. It is also appreciated hot for its digestive and soothing qualities while preserving its taste. Capsule pod with viewfinder on bottle neck 26mm (standard sparkling water) 500ml pure of hibiscus infusion, drink without added sugar. Capacity: 6, 9ml capsule Characteristics Oncentric Hibiscus Infusion 6.9ml Ingredients osmosis water, hibiscus * * from organic farming Agriculture: EU and non-EU Certified FR-BIO-16
60.00 €
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L'Eau Rouge® presents its free dose to dilute in 500ml of water for a choice of 4 intensities.  Vitamins and nutrients are very sensitive organic compounds, and many begin to lose their potency as soon as they are mixed with a liquid, especially water.   The benefits to the body of the diluted drink diminish day after day from the moment the bottle leaves the filling line. Take control and decide for yourself when your drink becomes active.; Choose your water, bottled or network, flat or carbonated, cold or hot. Decide on the intensity of your drink: ristretto, espresso, LONG, LYING EXACTLY AS YOU DO WITH YOUR COFFEE, ACCORDING TO YOUR DESIRES. Control the sugar: if the Stevia Bio version does not suit you, go for the RAW version and customize your sugar grain beverage. Master the mobility of your consumption of drink out of home and impose your free choice by buying that water. The infusion of Hibiscus® is invigorating, refreshing and stimulating. It is also detoxifying, depurative, antibacterial and diuretic. By stimulating intestinal peristalsis, Hibiscus facilitates digestion. Infusion of Hibiscus® is a known hypotensive agent. This flower infusion also reduces the viscosity of the blood and alleviates the after effects of drunkenness.